We are The Driftwood Tales. Dreamed up somewhere in Bali and brought to life in Amsterdam. We create fine and sustainable apparel for the brave that go wherever the current takes them. Courageous people with stories to tell and places to go, with new people to meet and jokes to joke. Apparel for the very alive.

To be very alive is not only about you and us, but also about the people who made our clothes and how we must reduce our ecological footprint in order to stay alive as happy, healthy and very as possible. Although we do not mind a good laugh, we are very serious about producing ethical, sustainable fashion. That’s why our manufacturers are carefully selected.

We love working in India with Javed and Deepak, who own a factory and are buying our cotton Fair. Their company is... Read more about this factory

Carlos and Rui are our contacts in Portugal. They introduced us to...Read more about their work

So, this is where we are now, and ofcourse we’re always open to improvements. If there is anything you would like to know, any ideas you’d like to share or if you just want to say hello, please send us an email@ info@thedriftwoodtales.com