We are a group of advertising creatives that are a bit fed up with the short-term focus on money making and superficial brand positioning. We feel the urge to do something that really matters. So we entered the fashion industry ;-)

The idea that we can shape our own brand, and make it a 100% sustainable. Exploring new and different ways. Always trying to improve. Adding something to the game that matters.

Changing this utterly ugly industry into something beautiful and good, by offering fabulous, affordable, sustainable and fair trade cool apparel for both men and women, is what makes us tick —> making the world a better place by offering superficial but deep down beautiful products is a contrast that we find very appealing. And love to make it happen.

Let's make this happen!

Men zegt vaak dat bamboe kleding milieu vriendelijker is dan katoenen. En toch verkopen wij liever bio katoen. En wel hierom:

3) OUR APRIL 2020 - TALE
The factories in India have been closed for two weeks now. All employees were sent home without pay. We have always worked hard to ensure that these workers receive a decent salary. As a result, our collection was not cheap, but it was fair. That is now come to a standstill and who knows for how long.

That is why we will donate 10% of our margin on sold items in April to a factory workers fund. We do this in consultation with our local contacts.

To make it easier to participate, we give a discount of 20% on our entire collection in April. Use the STAY SAFE coupon code at the end at the checkout.

#staysafe #socialresponsibility #corona #india #2020

And so it happened. Whoop whoop! Proud;-) The first items of our big clean-up collection are out NOW!


madefromwaste wasted 💚 
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Last week we were near Porto and bought some navy sweat fabric from the waste-, wasted- or whatevertheycallit- departement to make some fine new garments. Coming-up this spring & summer... our big clean up collection . .

madefromwaste wasted 💚 ♻️ fromwastewithlove upcycle upcycled upcycling great menswear ladieswear mensstyle ladiesstyle cleaning cleanup cleanuptime thedriftwoodtales driftwoodandco gierstraat #16 haarlem amsterdam